HR consulting - what is it?

I'm often asked, what is human resources (HR)? If you internet search this question you'll find countless descriptions, but here's HR associate's take on it.

  • HR supports businesses, and people within those businesses, to be effective and successful.

  • HR advocate best practice (& legally compliant) ways of doing things at work.

  • Some areas HR may assist with include: recruitment, job descriptions, company policies, employment contracts, performance reviews, learning & development, culture & values, changes to the business and its structure, as well as the more delicate situations of poor performance, misconduct, absenteeism, and having difficult conversations with staff.

  • While some believe that HR is there to ‘tell people off’, more accurately they are there to advise managers and business leaders of the best way to deal with issues – that is, using an approach that’s constructive for everyone – and HR should be there to guide and support.

  • While the role HR plays in businesses may differ, the overall objective is about being ‘fair and reasonable’. This is the underlining basis of the Employment Relations Act in NZ, and ideally all employment relationships, and what HR associate is all about!

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