Your HR consultant

HR associate partners with your business to help achieve success through your people. There are also legal considerations when dealing with people issues, which is why it’s important to get it right!

When it comes to HR, think:

  • employment contracts

    permanent, fixed term, casual, and independent contractors

  • company policies

    including: codes of conducts, vehicle policies, leave policies, alcohol/drugs policies, anti-harassment policies

  • misconduct and disciplinary processes

    when things go wrong in the workplace and how to resolve these through a legally compliant process

  • absenteeism

    successfully dealing with staff not turning up to work

  • restructure and change

    when you need to change roles in your company, or change employment details with your staff and how to do this via a fair and legally compliant process

  • KPIs and objectives

    how to set up your staff to succeed - for both them and your business

  • recruitment

    when you need to hire more staff, but don’t want to use a traditional recruitment agency model

We offer a variety of HR consulting and recruitment services and can tailor these to suit your business.

HR support when and where you need it

HR associate is there as needed, when needed. We have one-off, ad-hoc, and/or longer term solutions available.

Our team have long-standing HR relationships with many of our clients, which has resulted in a deep understanding of their individual needs, and enables us to quickly find solutions that suit their particular business and people.

Whether you’re based in Auckland or elsewhere in NZ, there are ways and means to make our HR consulting and recruitment services work for your business.

small to medium businesses

Most small to medium businesses don’t have the need or sometimes the budget for a dedicated HR person on staff, but if you have people in your business, you may at times need specialist assistance. 

Engaging with an external HR consultant can be beneficial as it:

  • provides flexibility to gain expert advice and assistance when you need,

  • allows you to focus on what you do best,

  • offers an objective and fresh perspective on situations, and

  • your employees can often feel more comfortable speaking to someone who doesn’t work in the business with them.

large businesses

The majority of large businesses have a HR person or team, however, during times of leave, busy periods, or for a specific project it might be necessary to bring on short-term, extra resource. The benefits are similar to that of small to medium businesses, mentioned above.

is HR associate right for our business?

We work with a range of businesses, varying in size from 1 - 100+ staff in different industries, based all over New Zealand. Check out our client page to see some of these businesses, including what they’re saying about us.

Our team enjoy meeting new people, learning about how we can make your life easier when it comes to managing your people, and how this can result in positive outcomes for your business. We also want you to be able to focus on doing what you do best for your company!

We offer a 30 minute complimentary consultation, with no expectation of engaging our services. If you’re based in Auckland, we can come to you, or you’re welcome to visit us our our Ponsonby office (appointments required). If you’re based elsewhere, we can still make this work. Contact us to find out more.

supporting our community

HR associate is all about people supporting people. We are proud to be a regular contributor to the wonderful work of St John.

St John are a charitable organisation that provides ambulance services, first aid training, event medical services and care-based community programmes throughout New Zealand.