your HR consultant

HR associate partners with your business to help achieve your company and people goals.

People are one of your most important assets, regardless of industry or size. Your employees impact the success of your business and there are also legal considerations when dealing with people issues, which is why it’s important to get it right.

HR support when and where you need it

HR associate is there as needed, when needed; one-off, ad-hoc, and/or longer term solutions are available. Whether you’re based in Auckland or elsewhere in NZ, there are ways and means to make it our HR consulting services work for your business.

small to medium businesses

Most small to medium businesses don’t have the need or sometimes the budget for a dedicated HR person on staff, but if you have people in your business, you may at times need specialist assistance. 

Engaging with an external HR consultant can be beneficial as it:

  • provides flexibility to gain expert advice and assistance when you need,

  • offers an objective and fresh perspective on situations, and

  • your employees can often feel more comfortable speaking to someone who doesn’t work in the business with them.

large businesses

The majority of large businesses have a HR person or team, however, during times of leave, busy periods or for a specific project it might be necessary to bring on short-term, extra resource. The benefits are similar to that of small to medium businesses, mentioned above.

supporting our community

HR associate is all about people supporting people. So we are proud to be a regular contributor to the wonderful work of St John.

St John are a charitable organisation that provides ambulance services, first aid training, event medical services and care-based community programmes.