HR consulting

Human Resources (HR) covers a variety of tasks and activities that increase the effectiveness of your people, which in turn has a positive impact on your business. There are also legal implications to consider under NZ employment law.

Here you’ll find a description of some of the services available. If you’re not sure what you’re after, or what you’re after isn’t listed, please get in touch for an obligation-free discussion.

The below services are ordered in terms of the employee life cycle. Our HR consultants are NZ trained and ready to discuss your query.


job descriptions

Well written job descriptions ensure you’re more likely to find the right person when hiring staff and expectations are clear. It's also a basis for creating objectives and completing performance reviews. As your HR consulting provider we can assist with creating clear and consistent job descriptions and if necessary, advise on approaches to introduce these to existing employees.

90 day trial periods (or probationary periods)

Completed correctly trial and probationary periods can be effective, however, there are strict requirements around how these are carried out and in what situation. HR associate can provide expert guidance and templates to make sure your business gets it right and reduce the likelihood of costly litigation.

employment contracts & letters of offer

Under NZ employment legislation every employee must have a written employment agreement. HR associate can help determine the type of contract you need and draft contracts to suit your business.

starter documentation & inductions

First impressions count! Introducing employees to your business, their team, job, and expectations ensures everyone is set up for success. HR associate can help tailor an induction plan for your business, including setting up checklists and processes for on boarding new staff.

performance objectives (or KPIs)

Employees will be more productive if they know what they are required to do and how to do it. Creating performance objectives also gives you a basis to regularly measure performance, provide useful feedback, and it’s a vehicle to deal with performance issues. HR associate can assist with creating simple and user-friendly performance objective and measuring systems for your staff and advise on approaches to effectively gain buy-in.

performance reviews

Regular formal performance reviews help get the most from your staff, assist with determining reward and salary reviews, and/or help identify poor performance. HR associate can create and implement simple to use review templates and processes, and provide guidance to managers and employees on using these.

manager coaching

HR associate can assist in areas such as: how to have difficult conversations; dealing with performance management concerns or issues; managing misconduct in the workplace; and approaching recruitment in an effective and cost-efficient way. Sessions can be completed individually or as a group.

company policies

Clear policies ensures everyone knows how things are meant to be done, and can assist with effectively dealing with issues that might arise. HR associate can help determine which policies your business might introduce, draft these policies, and advise on approaches to enhance staff buy-in, understanding and compliance.

company mission, vision & values

Company mission, vision and values are the foundation of businesses, and whether you need assistance with developing all of these areas, or just one or two of them, HR associate can assist.

wellness programmes

The health and safety of your employees is paramount. Wellness programmes can motivate staff, improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, and create a sense of fun and accomplishment in the workplace. HR associate can assist with introducing a wellness programme into your company, ensure it’s tailored within your budget and is pitched for buy-in and participation.

staff surveys

Staff surveys help gauge employee attitudes and perceptions about all areas of work and can assist with generating new ideas, and communicates that you’re taking an interest in employee views and ideas. Honest feedback usually comes with anonymity, which HR associate can facilitate, as well as interpretation of results and identifying opportunities.

learning & development

There are numerous benefits for developing your employees. HR associate can assist with developing a L&D strategy, and sourcing and/or delivering training options.  


Are you looking to create change or to restructure your business? HR associate can assist by providing advice throughout, guide you through the correct process, document creation, consultation with staff, redeployment and/or any other activities or tasks.

performance concerns & absenteeism

Performance concerns and absenteeism create negative effects on your business and other employees. HR associate can guide you and your employee through the correct process, provide coaching, create documentation and letters, and facilitate meetings. 

misconduct & serious misconduct

Like performance concerns, misconduct creates negative impacts on company performance, other staff, financials and company reputation. HR associate can guide you through a correct and lawful process, provide the documentation and letters required at each stage, draft scripts, and facilitate formal meetings.

exiting the business

Employees may exit your business for several reasons, and regardless of how or why, it’s important to maintain both parties reputations. Incorrect exiting of employees can be extremely costly for businesses. HR associate can assist with: exit interviews; redundancies; ending staff employment (with or without notice); and determining if roles needs to be replaced, or if the status quo needs to be reviewed.

hr consulting on call

Having expert HR advice on call when you need is important for many businesses. You can contact HR associate on phone or email for any HR or recruitment questions or concerns (please note you must have an agreement with HR associate in place before using this service).


Is there something you're after, which isn't listed? Please get in touch for an obligation-free discussion.