Getting recruitment right is so important for your business. The alternative can be expensive, including:

  • cost of placing a person in the role,

  • time spent training a new person, including yours and other staff members’ time,

  • time until they are effectively contributing to your business,

  • impact if the ‘team fit’ isn’t right, and

  • impact if they don’t have the skills to effectively do the job.

HR associate is your internal recruiter and partners with your business to assist with making the most informed hiring decisions. You pick and choose the services you need (including a full recruitment service) and indicate how you want these carried out.

The benefit of using HR associate for your recruitment needs is that we can support your business beyond the traditional recruitment agency structure. We get involved in every aspect of hiring your next staff member. From there is where our HR consulting services come in - we can assist with writing employment contracts, creating objectives or KPIs, and everything else HR related. We are truly invested the whole way!

We do not charge a placement fee - instead we charge an hourly rate for work completed. Check out our cost page for more info.

If there’s another recruitment service you’d like to include that isn't listed here, please ask.


writing or reviewing job adverts

The quality of your candidates is based on the quality of your job advertising, so this is an important initial step. HR associate can either write your job advert or review an advert you’ve produced.


There are several options to advertise a job. HR associate can help determine the best and most cost-effective options for your vacancy and manage this process. Please note some advertising options may incur an additional cost to the hourly rate (actual cost only; no admin charges will be added).

screening candidate CVs

HR associate can manage this process, ensuring candidates are responded to in an positive, effective and consistent manner, and that the right candidates are progressed.

telephone screening

Telephone screening can be a fast and effective way to determine whether a candidate is worth inviting to a face to face interview. HR associate can prepare relevant questions and telephone screen candidates so you only interview those who fit your requirements.

first interviews (pre-company interviews)

HR associate can complete initial face to face interviews to assist with ensuring you only interview the candidates that meet your criteria.

creation or review of interview questions

Asking the right questions assists with gaining quality information to base your hiring decisions on. HR associate can develop specific interview questions, including ideal answer indicators and follow up questions, or review questions you already use.

organisation of company interviews

HR associate can organise the logistics of company interviews, ensuring candidates are provided with accurate and clear instructions, as well as preparing candidates so both parties get the most value from time spent interviewing. 

management of internal candidates

Having an external provider manage internal candidates can create and fair process and provide an avenue for current staff to ask questions and gain advice, as well as an objective feedback process.

attendance at company interviews

HR associate can attend company interviews to provide an external and expert perspective on candidates. This can include facilitating the interviews, assisting with effective interview techniques, coaching managers, or providing guidance only as needed.

reference checks

Reference checks provide another useful source of information for making hiring decisions. HR associate can complete thorough and expert reference checks, including developing specific questions for the role and candidate, ensuring the right referees are contacted, and using probing techniques to gain more in-depth information.

criminal check report

Some roles may require background checks on criminal and/or traffic convictions. HR associate can manage the process with the candidate via Ministry of Justice. Alternatively a faster process (results in 5 days) can be completed, but it may incur an additional cost to the hourly rate (actual cost only; no admin charges will be added).

credit check report

Some roles may also require background credit checks, particularly if the role involves credit or cash handling, which HR associate can manage. Please note this service may incur an additional cost to the hourly rate (actual cost only; no admin charges will be added).

psychometric testing

Psychometric testing, such as aptitude, ability and/or personality profiling is another tool for decision making, which HR associate can organise. Please note this service may incur an additional cost to the hourly rate (actual cost only; no admin charges will be added).

hiring internal HR and/or recruiter

You might be looking to employ a HR consulting and/or recruitment person into your business. As a specialist in this area, HR associate can assist with identifying the right person for the role.


Job seekers, please be aware that HR associate does not assist with finding positions.