90 day trial NZ

Trial periods can be useful for both the employer and employee, but there are very specific requirements you need to get right:

  • Trial periods (of up to 90 days) must be included in contracts.
  • When verbally offering employment, let employees know about the trial period.
  • An employee can’t be put on a trial period if they’ve worked for you before (instead use a probationary period).
  • Employees must sign the contract before starting work (signing on their first day may be too late to enforce this clause).
  • Trial periods can never be longer than 90 days, even with mutual agreement.
  • If ending employment notice must be given within the trial period, though the employee’s last day might be after the trial period finishes.
  • Give employees a fair go under the trial period; provide adequate training, support & feedback.
  • The notice period for a trial period can vary; consider what’s right for your business.
  • Personal grievances can still be raised if they relate to discrimination or harassment.

If you'd like help with 90 day trial periods please contact Karyn@hrassociate.co.nz or 0211814849