Cost can be extremely important especially for small or start-up businesses so HR associate likes to understand your needs, provide an accurate and fair quote, and ensure transparency.


hourly rate

Charges are based on an hourly rate and all costs are free from hidden amounts or administrative fees. You also don’t need to purchase documents or letters that are created for you; this is all part of the hourly rate. HR associate ensures:

  • No minimum spend requirement

  • No monthly fee

  • No lock in period


For recruitment services, there are different hourly rates depending on the level of role you are hiring. With HR associate you will always pay less than 10% of the role’s base salary for an end-to-end service. Generally we find that most clients pay between 6-8% of a role’s base salary.

hr on call

For the 'hr on call' service you pay for the pro rated amount of the hourly rate each month. Again, there is no minimum spend, no monthly free, and no lock in period.


For more information, questions, or for an obligation-free quote please get in touch.