Staff Christmas celebrations

The holiday season is fast approaching! The weather is getting warmer, people are preparing to wind down, and staff Christmas parties have started. A recipe for good fun, but also opportunity for situations to go wrong. There are also health and safety implications to be aware of, as generally work events and functions are an extension of the workplace.

To help ensure staff have fun but keep safe at work-organised events too, you might consider having guidelines around expected behaviours and responsibilities.

These guidelines might include:

  • Having sufficient food available when providing alcohol
  • Having non-alcoholic beverage options readily available
  • Location venues and transport options clarified
  • Who is responsible for an event, and agreement around how it is run
  • A reminder that company policies and rules still apply at work events
  • What action may occur if staff breach the guidelines
  • Overall, a theme to celebrate together, but to take care of each other too.

While these guidelines aren’t just for the silly season (staff and client events and functions happen year-round) it’s a timely reminder to be prepared.

If you would like advice around what guidelines or policies should include and how to effectively implement these in your business, please get in touch with HR associate. Alternatively if your business is in a situation where something has gone wrong, we can help too.